Obelisk Charge Point

Obelisk Dual 22Kw OCPP

Obelisk is a rugged and practical Dual 22Kw Fast charge point designed for public spaces, car parks and commercial operations. Compatible with all current Electric vehicles (EV/PHEV). 


Manufactured in the UK using components sourced only from UK and European manufacturers, the Obelisk has been designed for maximum Sustainability, Reliability, Availability and Accessibility.  

From the outset the Obelisk has been designed to make EV Charging available to all. Whilst fully supporting smartphone charging applications, and being fully compatible with any OCPP back end system,  the Obelisk is fitted as standard with a simple and familiar contactless or chip and pin pay-to-charge card payment system. 

Optionally the unit can be customised with customer branding, and the 12 inch LCD screen can be used for advertising, promotion, interactive service ordering and public service information. 

Input and Output

What Are The Benefits Of the Obelisk Charging Pillar 

  • No More Vendor Lock In 

  • Rugged and Practical 

  • Manufactured in the UK 

  • Fully Customisable 

  • Monetise your chargers using the 12” screen  

  • Multiple Payment Methods  

The Technology

The Tower Pillar


Fuuse EV

The Tower Smart Fast charger is a dual output 2 x 22kW AC chargepoint. The deliberate utilitarian, street furniture design reflects the need for it to be reliable, rugged and available to all. 

Requiring only 17.2 sq ft, the ChargeBox uses just 15% of the space of comparable fast charging systems with a connected medium-voltage system.

With Fuuse there’s no more vendor lock in and you can control all of your chargers across your network from one back-office system.