Fuuse EV Charging Management Platform

Fuuse EV Charging Platform

Electromech is pleased to partner with, integrate and offer Fuuse. Fuuse is a flexible charge point management system, built to open standards and compatible with OCPP compliant hardware.


Fuuse offers tools and features for installers, operators and drivers to get more from their EV chargers. Fuuse gives you control:

  • Enterprise level Smart Charging
  • Smart charge point availability, opening times and access restriction.
  • Control of payment methods.
  • Tarrif Management including subscription and timed public access.
  • Full financial reporting.
  • Managing and consolidating payments.
  • Click to Fix Remote maintenance with automated fault reporting and open issue tracking.
  • Charger Health logs
  • Power Capacity Audits
  • DNO recommendations
Fuuse dashboard
Fuuse SCreen Shot
Charging log fuuse

What Are The Benefits Of the Fuuse EV Charging Platform

  • You’re in Charge 

  • No More Vendor Lock In 

  • Developed for Customisation 

  • Restrict Access to only the drivers you want  

  • Multiple Payment Methods  

The Technology

Obelisk Charge Point

The Tower Pillar


Large 12 inch screen for clear instructions and custom use such as advertising, ordering and check-in. Different ‘available to all’ payment systems available.

The Tower Smart Fast charger is a dual output 2 x 22kW AC chargepoint. The deliberate utilitarian, street furniture design reflects the need for it to be reliable, rugged and available to all. 

Requiring only 17.2 sq ft, the ChargeBox uses just 15% of the space of comparable fast charging systems with a connected medium-voltage system.